For Sale - UM - 16979 - Bruecker 8200 Mm BOPP Coextrusion Line


Reference Number

UM - 16979


Bruecker 8200 Mm BOPP Coextrusion Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

3 layers
Thickness: 15 - 60 micron
Width: 8,2 m
Max output: 4500 kg/hr
Max mechanical speed: 450 m/min
Line start-up date: 2005
Produced film type: Packaging film

Extrusion:- Cascade main extruder
Manufacturer: Bandera
AC drive
Metering pump
Manufacturer: Bandera
AC drive
Main filter: LLF-37
Manufacturer: Bandera
Surface area 4,1 m2
Electrical heating system, 74kW. One insert for production,
one insert as stand-by, including assembling device
2 co-extruders with max. output 380 kg/hr
AC drive
Included with double filters with surface area: 301cm2/unit

Die:- Manufacturer: Simplas
Symmetrical design with three coat hangers
3 layers
Slot opening: 1140 mm
Casting Unit ? Chill roll
Air knife
Film and chill roll drying system
Water bath

MDO (Machine Direction Orienter)
Manufacturer: Brückner
16 pre-heating rolls
6 stretching rolls
4 annealing rolls
5 nip rolls
Tension control at inlet and outlet
AC drive
Stretching ratio 1:1 – 1:8

TDO (Transverse Direction Orienter)
Manufacturer: Brückner
Chain and chain track model: FOK 4.4.4
Heating system: circulating oil via individual heating system / zone
(heat exchanger, fans, control valves … oil boiler, etc)
Edge guide system at inlet

Pull Roll Stand ? Edge trim on-line recycling unit
2 corona treatment stations
AC drive

Winder:- Working width: 8200 mm
Steel cores, 9000 mm length
Max. mill roll diameter: 1350 mm

AC & PLC:- Fully integrated system PLC with operator workstations

Thickness Gauge:- Measurement range: 5 – 100 µm
Radioactive nuclide: Promethium 147

Raw Material:- Material feeding equipment
Pneumatic conveying system
Cyclone to separate resin and conveying air
Metal separator
Mixing hopper
Suction conveying for Co-Extruder

Edge trim recycling
Edge trim grinder
Conveying fans

Slitter & Rewinder:- Atlas Slitter & Rewinder 8.2 m

Silos:- Yes

Utilities:- Compressor, Boiler, Chiller, Silos, Mill Rolls 80 No, 2 x Mill Roll Stands, Overhead Cranes