For Sale - UM - 18403 - Brueckner 3 Layer BOPP Coextrusion Film Line With Kampf Slitter


Reference Number

UM - 18403


Brueckner 3 Layer BOPP Coextrusion Film Line With Kampf Slitter

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Line Output:- Nominal line output for 4,200 mm net film width trimmed on winder mill roll

Machine classification:-

Throughput:- 300 kg/h
Size of flakes:- 6 x 6 mm
Thickness of flakes:- according to produced thickness of film and edge trim
Conveying speed:- approx. 25 m/sec

Table consumers and drives:-
Edge Trim film feeding device:- advanced system using 'venturi' principle
Fan:- approx. 3,000 m3/h at 8kpa
Piping:- Buyers supply approx 40 m(depending on actual layout)

Capacity:- 300 kg/h for continuous operation
Screen mesh:- 6mm square hole

Flake conveying from grinder to extrusion:- high speed conveying
Fan:- 1.900 m3/h at 4.5 k pa
Piping:- Buyers supply approx 120 m(depending on actual layout)

Feeding Main Extrusion

Resin/Air seperation:- cyclone for operation of resin and conveying air
Metal separator:- inductive metal detector with ejection

Mixing hopper
Volume:- 1m3
Drive of mixing screw:- 2.2 KW AC
Drive of envelope arm:- 0.2 KW AC

Technical Data:-

Main Extruder:- BS-PP-225/30 D
Barrel:- diameter: 225 mm, L/D=30
Material:- bimetal, extremely wear resistant
Feeding zone:- Plain, water cooled
Barrel zones:- electrical heated, cooled by fans- 250 KW
Flange zone:- electrical heated:- 20 KW

Material:- Nitrated steel, optimized for PP

Drive:- DC motor:- 600 KW
Gearbox:- two step gearbox including two oil pumps:- 2x1,1

Adapters:- Extruder-pump-filter-die

Design:- Strainer plate
Heating capacity:- Electrical heated:- 24 KW

Melt Pump:- inline helical gear pump
Dosing capacity:371 cm3 per revolution
Heating system:- Electrical heated
Drive:- AC motor

Adapter:- Extruder-pump-filter-die(oil heated)

Polymer Filter/Main extrusion:- Long-life filter LLF 12
Filter insert:- consisting of 12 candies, flat screen
Filter area:- 1,32 m2 per insert
Heating:- Electrically

Filter preheating
Heating:- electrically:- 40 KW

Filter Preheating
Heating:- electrically:- 50 KW

Co-extruder I:- 1xBS-PP 60/32D
Barrel:- diameter 60 mm, L/D=32
Material:- nitrated steel
Feeding zone:- grooved, water cooled
Barrel zones:- electrical heated, cooled by fans:- Heating:- 18,75 KW, Drive:- 1,85 KW
Flange zone:- included in adapter heating:- heating:- 1,5 KW

Material:- nitrated steel, optiized for PP
Speed :- max. 156 rpm

Drive:- AC motor:- 60 KW
Gearbox:- two step gearbox incl. oil pump:- 0.75 KW