For Sale - UM - 17416 - Mitsubishi 3 Layers BOPP Film Extrusion Line


Reference Number

UM - 17416


Mitsubishi 3 Layers BOPP Film Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Capacity: 14,000 ton/year(30 micron thickness,7500 hour operating)
Type of film: Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (3 layer)
Thickness: 12-60 micron
Film width(Trimmed);6300 mm
Mechanical and thermal layout:
Thickness 12 micron / Speed 240m/min / output 980kg/h
Thickness 20 micron / Speed 220m/min / output 1497kg/h
Thickness 25 micron / Speed 195m/min / output 1658kg/h
Thickness 30 micron / Speed 180m/min / output 1837kg/h
Thickness 40 micron / Speed 120m/min / output 1633kg/h
Thickness 50 micron / Speed 90m/min / output 1531kg/h
Stretch ratio:Machine direction 1:1~ 1:10
Transverse direction: 1:7~1:10
Speed: Max. 320 m/min
Production speed: 240m/min
Edge: Trim: Recycling system
(Detail specification)

1. Raw material supply
A.Dosing for main extruder: 1set( 4000kg/h)
B. Dosing for satellite extruder: 2sets)800kg/h, 500kg/h)

2. Extrusion

A.Main extruder:
Melting extruder :dia. 175 mm,700 KW DC motor
Melting extruder: dia. 220 mm,350 KW DC motor
Max.output 2400 kg/h

B.Satellite extruder 2 sets
Dia. 115 mm,160 KW DC motor, Max.output 300 kg/h
Dia. 90 mm,90 KW DC motor, Max.output 200 kg/h

C.Polymer filter for main extruder
Type:Multi disc type filter, 12 pieces
Filter area: approx. 2m2
Heating:Electric heating

3 layer die with automatic gap adjustment
Die bolts :29 ea,push/pull type heating bolt
Lip width:920 mm

3. Casting unit
A.Chilling roll
Dia. 1000 mm 1 ea, dia. 2000 mm x2 ea, width 1300 mm
Crom plated and polished surface

4. Transverse direction orienter(TDO)
Inlet width:600-1000 mm
Max.stretching width :7446 mm
Outlet width:6000-6700 mm
Preheating zone: 3 m x 4 zone / 4.5 m x 2 zones
Stretching zone; 3 m x5 zone
Annealing zone: 1m x 1 zone
Cooling zone :3m x2 zone
Oven heating: steam radiator
Drive 132 KW AC motor

5. Thickness gauge: Kamma ray

6. Winder
Automatic turret winding
Winding core: 450 mm,length 7100 mm
Max. mill roll diameter:1200 mm

7. Slitter
Make: Kampf (Germany)
Max. speed: 1000 m/min
Max. working width: 6500 mm
Max. diameter of mill roll on unwinder :1200 mm
Number of rewinder station;14
Rewinding width: 300-3000 mm