For Sale - UM - 17807 - Mitsubishi 8200 MM BOPP Film Line


Reference Number

UM - 17807


Mitsubishi 8200 MM BOPP Film Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

I. Extruder Output:
1.Main extruder
Middle layer:- Max. 4500 kg/hr
2. Secondary extruder
(A) surface layer:- Max 320 kg/hr
(B) second outer layer:- Max 320 kg/hr
(D) second outer layer:-Max 320 kg/hr
(E) surface layer:- Max 320 kg/hr

Total: 5780 kg/hr
All extruders are using AC drive motors.

II. Production Capacity: max 4500 kg/hr

III.General dimensions/Specs:

a)Film Width: Max 8300 mm, Min 7800 mm.
b)Film thickness: Regular Film 12-50 mu, Composite Film 15-40 mu
c)Film Roll Diameter: Max 1200mm

2.Mechanical speed:
a)Prior to stretching: 11-110 mpm
b)After stretching: 45-450 mpm

3. BOPP Line dimensions:
a)Total Length: 133 m
b)Total Width: 15,7 m
c)Total Height: 5 m

IV. Composition of the equipments:

1.Raw Material Suppply:
a)Big Bag and Loading station
b)Day Silos main extruder
c)BMS: Instruments, valves
2.f250/f300 Tandem Extruder
3.f110 Auxilary Extruder(A)(B)(D)(E)
4.Multi disc Screener, Filtering area ax. 4m2
5.Continuous valve operation, wire changing device(A)(B)(D)
Filtering area about 804cm2(402cm2×2)
6.Multi Layer T-Die with adaptor, nozzle width 1200mm, automatic adjustment.
7.Chiller Roll – water bath,Rollf2600,Roll Face length 1500mm
8.Thickness scanner, ß-Ray
9. MDO, complete with the oil heated - heating system
10. TDO,Chain track system, Oil heated - heating system
11.Deduction, guiding rolls.
12.Thickness scanner, ß-Ray.
13.Reeling with double position automatic changing, central driven, Electrostatic adsorption,tapeless splicing at winding,Reeling max diameter isf1200
14.Electrical and instruments:

Incl. Atlas Primary Slitter-Rewinder 8300 mm

8.3m ATLAS CW984A from England,max speed 1000mpm,12 cutter position.