For Sale - UM - 18034 - Berstorff 4 Roll 1500 Mm Calendering Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 18034


Berstorff 4 Roll 1500 Mm Calendering Line

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Product Details

Working width 1,500 mm x 0.08-0.53 mm; cap.
1500 kg/hr for clear film
4-Roll calender Reverse L. width 1900 mm x 700 mm diam;
7-Roll Calender Take-Off; 5-Sections Coolant-Rolls;
Foil Thickness Gauge Honeywell Measurex 240D;
Foil Winder Bachofen & Meier; Slitter; 2-Arm Turret;
PLC Controls Schneider 

Configuration is used for producing clear, transparent foils like Clear & Lis. 

Line consists of:
Feed line for PVC from main bulk silo – day silo intermediate storage – weighing/dosing system / transport pressure transport vessel / in between buffer silo to mixer with option to include to add materials (manually)
Mixing vessel with speed control with option to heat.

A small hopper, in between bunker, mixing incl. level control with dosing screw feed system. In this hopper also recycled can be fed from edge cutting on finished product.

An extruder (planetary type, make Schalke) 

In line with an extruder - a vacuum chamber –extruder (Battenfeld) forming a 2 stage extruder unit (TTS) including vacuum pump system
Transport belt incl. metal detection system
Sway belt to put mix on calender cylinder 1-2 incl. camera detection system
Four cylinder calender setup
Pull of section of the foil, both hot and cold possible
Multi stage, sections cooling
Control unit incl. thickness (Measurex)
Cutting & coil winding machine
Lifter to automatically take finished coiled/rolled product from wrapper to packaging table.

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