For Sale - UM - 19933 - Coemter Roll Bag Making Machine


Reference Number

UM - 19933


Coemter Roll Bag Making Machine



Product Details

Model:- T-Roll 9270 45/35 DP
Type: Bag making machine for bags on roll

Type of production:
Bottom seal bags on roll
Garbage bags
Bags for fruit and vegetable
Different type of bags on roll
Bags on roll with and without paper core

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and recycled extracts

Max finished roll diameter: 130 mm
Max finished roll width: 320 mm

Draw length (bag length):
4 welders: from 285 to 470 mm
2 welders: from 470 to 930 mm
1 welder: from 930 to 1790 mm

Number of lanes: 2
Linear speed: Up to 120 m/min

Bags per min.:
4 welders: 300 x 2
2 welders: 150 x 2
1 welder: 75 x2

Driving system:
PLC controlled

Servo motor driven
Input nip rollers
Sealing bar

Attachments and accessories:
Anti-static bars