For Sale - UM - 20526 - Comexi FP 1808 CNC GL Flexo Central Drum Printing Press


Reference Numbers

UM - 20526


Comexi FP 1808 CNC GL Flexo Central Drum Printing Press

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Product Details

Number of colors:- 8
Print possibilities:- 8+0
Fast sleeve change
4 motor per deck CNC position system
Computer supervision
Web width:- 1070 mm
Print width:- 1020 mm
Min print repeat:- 330 mm
Max print repeat:- 680 mm
Unwinder type:- Turret
Max reel diameter unwinder:- 800 mm
Rewinder type:- Turret
Max reel diameter rewinder:- 800 mm
Drying:- Termic Oil burners
Videocamera:- BST, model GENIUS
Corona treatment:- Yes, SOFTAL
Web guides:- BST type OPG before and after printing, ultrasonic sensor 2 Lel indicators.
Vyscosity control:- Inelme viscosimeters
Washing system:- Automatic device for individual or simultaneous cleaning of colors.
Anilox:- 2x360, 1x340, 8x320, 3x300, 1x260, 3x200, 2x160, 1x140, 1x120, 2x80.
Print Sleeves:- 330 - 680
Additional information:- Materials: Films PE, OPP and similar films. Thicknes: min 25 micros - max 100 micros Speed: 350 m/min Motorized lateral register; Core diam: Unwinder: 152 mm - Rewinder: 76 and 152 mm. Tension range: 2/30 Kgs. Inks pumps + self cleaning including: pneumatic recirculating ink-pumps with reversible fluid flow system Ink Tanks, stainless steel, 20 l. Electronic control, valves and pneumatic controls.