For Sale - UM - 18565 - Closure For Pet Bottles Compression Molding Machine


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UM - 18565


Closure For Pet Bottles Compression Molding Machine

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Product Details

Closure for PET bottles with the neck finish PCO28-1881
Model KW PI 28/2200,

Screw diameter:- 65 mm
L/D:- 25/1
Injection capacity:- 1125 cm3
Approx. injection capacity for HD-PE:- 830 g
Injection volume per second:- 3100 cm3
Specific mass pressure:- 2000 kg/cm2
Plasticizing capacity per second:- 75g
Rotational speed of the screw:- 350 rpm
Max. stroke of injection carriage:- 450 mm
Clamping force:- 2800 KN
Opening force:- 280 KN
Max. stroke of moving plate:- 600 mm
Outside dimensions of plates(height x depth):- 910x840 mm
Dimensions between tiebars:- 630x560 mm
Tie bar diameter:- 100mm
daylight(between plates):- 1250 mm
Min. thickness of mold:- 200 mm
Max. thickness of mold:- 650 mm

Central ejector sub-assembly
Ejection stroke:- 180 mm
Force of ejection:- 90 KN

Electrical system
Supply voltage:- 400V
Supply voltage of heating:- 230V
Frequency:- 50HZ
Barrel heating power:- 32,5 KW

Barrel heating zones:- 4+1
Motor power:- 47 KW
Pump motor:- type:-M225M4;power:45 KW
Pump motor cooling:- by air
Max. installed capacity:- view separate electrical diagram
Max. consumed capacity:- view separate electrical diagram