For Sale - UM - 21651 - DCM 5 Colors Gravure Printing Machine


Reference Number

UM - 21651


DCM 5 Colors Gravure Printing Machine

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Model:- 5C710
Overhaul/renovation:- upgraded in 2005
Drive:- Electronic shaft
Trolley system
Web width:- 690 mm
Print width:- 600 mm
Print repeat range:- 320-525 mm
Drying specifications:- Electric drying
Unwinder type:- BUTT splice
Max reel diameter unwinder:- 700 mm
Rewinder type:- Turret
Max reel diameter rewinder:- 740 mm
Video camera:- Camera BST Handyscan 4000 with defect control + BST Nyquist tubescan 100% inspection
Vyscosity control:- Ink spec viscosity
Additional information:- CO2 Fire fighting