For Sale - UM - 20327 - DMT 3 Layer BOPP Film Production Line


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UM - 20327


DMT 3 Layer BOPP Film Production Line

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Product Details

Nominal Capacity Tons/year:- 6.000 Tons / year ( approx.5.800 tons realization on average)
BOPP Line:- Coextruded film line - 3 layers BOPP film / 3 extruders
Nominal Film Thickness Range - microns:- 15 mic to 40 mic max.
Extruder Screw diameters:- 200 mm main Extruder ( center layer ), Davis Standard
Two 50 mm Satellite Extruders, Davis Standard
Filter exchangers:- Candle type in Main Extruder, Screen type exchanger in Satellite Extruders
Head - die:- Multilayer die system
Head (die) width:- 650 mm
Head brand:- Extrusion Die Instrument
Die profile Automatic die ( 22 adjust. bolts )
Chill roll diameter:- 1400 mm diameter, 900 mm width.

Stretching ratio: %4 - %6
Number of heating rollers: 8 oil heated, 600 mm diameter.
Number of stretching rollers: 4 oil heated, 150 mm diameter.
Number of annealling rollers: 2 oil heated, 600 mm diameter.

Width at the start:- 450 – 650 mm
Width at the exit:- 4000 – 4500 mm
Type of heating:- Oil Heated
Total length:- 33 mm.

Pulling section:- 4500 mm roll face width, max. 4400 mm film web width before edge slitting.
Corona treatment:- Softal 20 kw, 10 blade electrode.
Thickness measurement:- Measurex Beta Gauge, two gauges, after chill roll and pull roll stand.
Rewinder brand:- DMT full auto turreting ( manual also effective )
Type:- Two-position turret center driven winder, gap and contact winding.
Width:- 4200 mm
Max reel diameter:- 800 mm
Edge trim and re-feeding system included:- 300 kg/h capacity, 75-150 mm edge trim width.
Water chiller optional (with optional. price):- Climavaneta 370 kw or similar other.
Slitter rewinder included: - Atlas CDE 820. Slitter/Rewinder, 4200 mm unwind
Hot oil boiler for TDO-MDO :- max. 2.000.000 kcal/hr thermal capacity with natural gas burner.