For Sale - UM - 19894 - Dolci Multi Layer Cast Stretch Film Line


Reference Number

UM - 19894


Dolci Multi Layer Cast Stretch Film Line

Present Condition

Machine is in good working condition



Product Details

Materials to be processed: LLDPE Stretch Film

Extruders: Number of extruders:
Extruders 1: 90 Ø
Extruders 2: 160 Ø
Extruders 3: 90 Ø

Die: Flat die type
Lips width: 2000 mm
Lip gaps adjustable:15 -30 microns
Output: Up to 700 kg/hour (23 my) depending on material formulation
Chill-Roller: Diameter 800 mm + N” I Chill Roll 334 twn
Winder: Winder, fully automatic roll change
Maximum line speed 300 m/min
Reels diameter up to 410 mm
Winding width 2000 (4×500) mm

Longitudinal film cutting unit
Edge trim cutting system
Edge trim recycling system