For Sale - UM - 18235 - 1.5" 30/1 Sterling Extruder


Reference Numbers

UM - 18235


1.5" 30/1 Sterling Extruder



Product Details

1.5" 30/1 Sterling extruder having a 4-zone electrically heated water cooled (closed loop) vented and plugged barrel at approximately a 42" centerline height.
Gearbox has a ratio of 13.95:1 and is belt driven by a 10 HP power TEC brushless DC motor with power TEC model 1000 SCR control.
Maximum screw speed is 125 rpm.
Free standing temperature panel with nine zones of West 3800 solid state controllers.
Unit manufactured 6/1992.
Last used to extruder nylon tubing.
Screw appears to be two stage screw.