For Sale - UM - 17276 - 800 KG/Hour Single Screw Extruder


Reference Number

UM - 17276


800 KG/Hour Single Screw Extruder

Year Of Manufacture



Maharashtra, India

Product Details

Main Screw:- Hard Chrome Plated super finished spiral screw
Barrel:- Inside hard Chrome plating and super finishing
Barrel Die Head:- Barrel Die head with hard chrome plating and super finishing
Main Gear Box:- 3 Stage Gear box with Oil lubricated (Amocam220)
Gear Pump with motor:- Attached with main GB for oil circulation
Motor: 1.5 KW, 1390 RPM
Main Drive DC Motor:- Model No: Z4-200-31
400V, 81W, 225 Amp, 1350 RPM
Coupling:- Fanner make coupling set B/W Motor and GB
Rotary Joint:- China make Oil Rotary joint 1 1/4" size
Oil Cooler:- For Main GB Lub oil cooling (shell and tube type Oil cooler)
Strainer:- Oil filtration before cooling line
Base Frame:- Strong M.S. base frame on that all above parts laying