For Sale - UM - 17562 - Weber Extrusion Lines


Reference Number

UM - 17562


Weber Extrusion Lines



Product Details

1) 2 x Weber DS88 Extrusion lines with Greiner & Technoplast

A) Weber DS88 Extruder with 37 kW motor,
with Greiner Cal Vak 10 meter calibration table
with Stork 40 mm Extruder
Greiner Pul Mod Haul Off 230 mm x 2600 mm contact,
Greiner Pul Mod Saw 40/9/2000 & 6 Meter Tilt Table.

B) Weber DS88 Extruder with 37 kW Motor,
Technoplast TKT/5400 8 meter calibration table,
30 mm co extruder,
Vobau Haul Off W with 240 mm x 2100 mm contact,
Vobau Saw for profile up to 200 mm wide & tilt table.

2) Weber DS65 Extrusion line with Greiner downstream:-
Weber DS65 mm extruder with 40 kW motor,
Greiner Get Cal 6 meter calibration table,
Greiner Cut Mod Haul Off 110 mm x 2400 mm contact,
Greiner Saw Mod 30/1.5 for profile up to 180 mm wide & 6 Meter Tilt

3) 2 x Weber DS60 Extrusion lines with Greiner & Blake Downstream:-

A) Weber DS60 extruder with Blake Kunstoff 4.5 meter calibration table,
Blake haul off saw unit with 130 mm x 1100 mm contact & tilt table

B) Weber DS60 extruder with Greiner Cut Mod haul off 230mm x 1200mm
Greiner Mod Cut saw for profile up to 200 mm wide x 120 mm