For Sale - UM - 17863 - Dolci Single Layer Film Extrusion Line


Reference Number

UM - 17863


Dolci Single Layer Film Extrusion Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

The equipment was used for the following:
Material blend – LD 54.5%, LLD 28%, Master Batch (LD colorant) 7.5% and Calcarb (filler) 10%.
Width – material is printed in a ‘tube’ non-edge trimmed state after passing through the Corona Treater.
Maximum printed width is 1350mm
Target non-trimmed width is 1420mm
Actual Corona treater width target approx. 1450mm – to allow for alignment and width fluctuation
Segmented operation with minimum Dyne level 40
Line speed
Product thickness is nominally 50 to 100 µm with very occasional 500 µm (0.5mm)
Throughput range between 90 and 180 kg/hr
Line speed minimum 3m/min
Line speed maximum 55m/min (note the maximum run normally is nearer 25m/min when printing)

The unit comprises of:
A masterbatch feed system
The Dolci Extruder that you supplied c/w 112kw DC motor along with
Blown film mandrel Moda Meccanica TXCO/300
The new Martignoni corona treater – max treated width 1400mm
The printing station is now fully obsolete
Moda Meccanica winder station
Munchy edge trim recycle

75mm single screw approx. length 2.8m. (32/1)
Extruder (Dolci 1992) (refurbished Moda Meccanica 2014)
Not sure of die size at the moment.
Winder is two sided.