For Sale - UM - 17834 - 65 MM Extruder Rigid PVC & 50 MM Soft PVC Profile Extrusion Plant


Reference Numbers

UM - 17834


65 MM Extruder Rigid PVC & 50 MM Soft PVC Profile Extrusion Plant



Product Details

Import Substitute Monopoly Project Of Co- Extruded PVC Seals/ Profiles Complete manufacturing plant with all the machineries and ancillaries used in manufacturing with all SS-304 dies & sizers of all running shapes & sizes, electric pannel and wiring of Co- Extruded PVC Glass Seal/ Profiles used in Glass Fittings and architectural hardware.

Plant Shed Required :- Minimum 3000 sq. Ft (50 Ft Long)
Minimum Power Requirement :- 45 HP

1) Extruder: 65 mm Screw dia. For Rigid PVC

65 mm dia Screw & Barrel made from special nitro alloy steel EN-41 B material, machined to close tolerance, gas nitride and screw hard chrome plated.
Screw, Barrel & mandrel combined together on heavy-duty in built thrust housing and mounted on heavy-duty fabricated channel structure.
Barrel provided with water jacket
Heavy gauge sheet metal covering & safety guards.
15HP. AC. Electric standard make motor as Extruder drive
Frequency Controller of ABB / Yasukawa make for 15 HP. AC. Electric Motor.
Heavy- duty In built thrust housing reduction Gear Box for Extruder.
230 Volt operated in built motor 3 No.blower,as force cooler, for barrel over heat shooting
One set of band heaters for barrel heating.
Breaker plate made from stainless steel material.
Die head & Die made from alloy steel material with high surface finish.

2) Extruder: 50 mm For Soft PVC

50 mm Extruder mounted on Heavy- Sturdy Pillar mounting attachment with rollers for easy movement & height adjustment.
Extruders Screw & Barrel made from nitro alloy steel material, bore to the close tolerance, hardened by gas nitride.
Built in thrust housing for screw & barrel mounting.
A.C. motor of 7.5 H.P with ABB/LG/Yasukawa make frequency speed controller.
3 Zone digital Temperature control panel with temperature sensing device.

3. Calibration Table
4. 5-meters SS Cooling Tank
5. Haul Off
6. 5-Meters Cutting Table
7. GSM Based 3 Ton Water Chiller
8. Air Compressor
9. Vacuum Pump
10. Weighing Scale
11. Heavy Duty Scrap Grinder
12. Control Panel Till 100 Hp
13. 3 Phase Complete Machine Wiring With Their Resective Switches
14. Raw Material Stock
15. Finished Goods Stock
16. 3-Types of Different Shapes and 3 Sizes of Dies
17. Types Of Different Shapes and Sizers
18. Different Types Of Drawings Of All Sizes And Shapes Of PVC Seal
19. Furniture
20. Racks And Shelves For Storage
21. Ancillary Pumps And Tools