For Sale - UM - 18270 - Colines Complete Plant For The Production Of Refrigerator Door Gaskets


Reference Numbers

UM - 18270


Colines Complete Plant For The Production Of Refrigerator Door Gaskets



Product Details

1) Complete Extrusion Line for Producing Soft PVC Profiles as follows:
Extruder diam. 70mm
L/D ratio 24
29.5 KW D.C. motor with relative drive.
Temperature control cabinet for 6 zones.
Air regulation unit for profiles.
Cooling bath.
Haul-off conveyor belt for profiles including cutting of the initial crop ends.
Automatic in-line cutting unit at 45 degrees and punching unit.
Automatic Hopper feeder Sb Plastics machinery.
Pressure measuring device for extruder with digital display and alarm.
Drawer type manual screen changer complete with 3 temperature zones.
Euro Chiller water refrigerating unit 20000 Frig/hr. with connections.
Automatic stacking system for the trays.
Mould sets complete with die, calibrator, control gauge, cutting and punching.
Trays for bearing gaskets (wood made).
1.15 No. 6 Trolleys for trays.

2) Complete Extrusion Line for the Production of Magnetic Strips as follows:
Extruder diam. 45 L/D ratio 11.
D.C motor 12.6 HP with relative drive.
Oil thermoregulation units.
Water cooling chute.
Automatic magnetizing unit complete with haul-off unit, cutting unit, preset cutting device with digital display and pneumatically operated tilting table.
Special widia dies for magnetic profiles.Horizontal winder complete with slip ring motor and photo cell for driving.
Euro Chiller water refrigerating unit.

3) Unit for inserting magnetic strips into PVC gaskets.
Unit for inserting magnetic strips into gaskets.

4)Pneumatic self burring welding machines for soft PVC gaskets
Pneumatic self burring welding machines.
Self burring double welding moulds.
Trolleys for hanging welded gaskets.

5)Granulator and Dryer
Granulator for scraps with cyclone Sb Plastics machinery
Drier with automatic feeder Sb Plastics machinery.