For Sale - UM - 17868 - Windsor KTS 700 PVC Twin Line


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UM - 17868


Windsor KTS 700 PVC Twin Line

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Product Details

1) Windsor KTS 700 Extruder
Dynesco make Melt Pressure cum Temperature Indicater
Screw Dia 91mm & L/D Ratio 28:1
Screw speed Range - 4-40 rpm
Screw and barrel made from Nitrally steel Nitride hardened, Ground and
Screw with Hard Face Coating in metering zone
Barrel: in two parts length wist with twin cylindrical bores and central
feed opening.
Barrel Heating with Ceramic / Band heaters
Barrel Cooling by AIR

Screw Cooling through hole in center which partly with thermic fluid
and plugged. The thermic fluid maintains the screw temperature uniform
throughout the length by taking away excessive heat from the metering
zone and giving it away to the material in the feed zone.

Feed System screw speed range - 7-70 rpm

Feed system crammer feeder having steel hopper of 240 liter capacity
with chute arrangement. Feed section having jacket type construction
for water cooling.

Crammer Feed Drive - 2.2 kW
Main motor rating - 75kW, A.C. Motor Make Siemens
Drive - Sensorless vector A.C. drive for stepless speed variation
Thrust Unit with Tandem bearing
Transmission system by V belts from main motor to
Gearbox. Safety guards are there.
Torque 8,000 Nm per shaft
VENT- Kilosker KU30 pump 2.2kw
Gear box: Henschel Germany make TPM 3-92 DOS-V-28

2) Drive Panel
Electrical Control Cabinet fabricated from steel sheets is mounted on a
sturdy fabricated frame.

Various controls are housed in the cabinet including
a) B & R make PLC
b) Main isolator (On/off) switch with fuse unit.
c) Other necessary eletrical components like MCB units, SS. Ten Turn
part etc.

3) Twin Die Head
Die trolley suit for TDH200 DIE
Basic Die assambly TDH 200

4 Auto Hoper Loader with Magnet
Hopper Loader with Vibreting Sieve,
Convaing Pipe of 75mm x 6mtr
Motor - ABB make 2.2kW
Gear Box : Elecon make 20:1

5) Prime Margo make S.S. Vacuum Tank 6mtr length for Pipe size 63mm
to 110mm

Vacuum Pump - Havells make 2.2kw
Spray Pump - Lubi make pump 5.5kW
Spray Pump - Kirloskar make pump 3.7kW
Shall Material - S.S.

6) Prime Margo make Haul off (Traction) (Puller)
Motors : Siemens 11kW
Gear box: Power-guild 46:84

7) Prime Margo make Cutter Unit along with Dust Collection unit
Motors : Siemense make 1.5kW 2
Cutter Blower Motor : ABB make 0.75kW

8) Vihan Make VSM-110-1HSI Belling m/c. with pipe chemfering unit and
Dust collection unit
9) Belling m/c. Ringfit Tools 75mm
10) Belling m/c. Ringfit Tools 90mm
11) Belling m/c. Ringfit Tools 110mm
12) Vacuum sizer 75mm, 90mm & 110mm
13) Dies for size 75mm, 90mm & 110mm
14) Pin Bush for 6kg size 75mm, 90mm & 110mm

15) PVC PIPE online Printers

16) Windsor make Brand new (Unused) pair of screw & barrel
(Extra Pair)

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