For Sale - UM - 16765 - Gloucester Tandem Foam Extrusion Line


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UM - 16765


Gloucester Tandem Foam Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Conair (6) material trublend loader blender feed hopper,
120 MM Glcouceter extruder,
32:1 L/D, electrically heated,
Water cooled, jacketed feed section with 150 HP DC motor with SCR controller,
4.5" Extrek hydraulic screen changer with hydraulic power pack,
150 MM Glcoucester extruder,
30:1 L/D, electrically heated, water cooled,
Jacketed feed section,
Side feed with 100 HP DC motor with SCR control,
Basket type pipe die,
14" diameter x 48" long cooling mandrel,
Gloucester dual pull roll stand,
52" wide pull rolls,
Pneumatic adjustment,
Missing bottom stationary roll,
Gloucester two position winders,
With tension bar and pneumatic roll discharge pushers,
Integrated control panel with temperature controllers,
Length To Diameter Ratio: 34
Screw Diameter: 4.5