For Sale - UM - 17467 - Davis Standard Bouligny Tape Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 17467


Davis Standard Bouligny Tape Line



Product Details

Screw Diameter: 2.5
Drawings: Yes
Length To Diameter Ratio: 30
Manuals: Yes
2.5" Davis Standard extruder, 30:1 l/d, air cooled, with dc motor
16" wide Bouligny tape die, flexible upper lip, back center feed
Water quench tank
Bouligny pull roll stand with air knife and tape slitter and delustering.
Bouligny three fold 24" wide Godet roll stand.
Bouligny reheat oven.
Bouligny orientation and relaxation 24" wide Godet roll stand with Fibrillation capability.
Bouligny reheat, relax and/or set 24" Godet roll stand.
Bouligny three position winder stand.
With delustering and fibrillation integrated controls.
Line produced 190 of PP/hour.