For Sale - UM - 17006 - Kolsite Three Layer Blown Film Plant


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UM - 17006


Kolsite Three Layer Blown Film Plant

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Product Details

1) Kolsite Three Layer Blown Film Plant with Oscillating Haul-off ket
- Kabra Extrusion Technik- Width :- 1450mm, Output:- 150 per hour

2)Air Compressor RAC Package :- ELGI Equipment limited

3) Air Dryers ELRD 040 Air Drier(Z01225):- ELGI Equipment limited

4) FRP Cooling Tower without basin NCT -750A:- National Cooling

5) Fluxoromatic Corona discharge treater FTS4000 1450-60-L:- Arshad
Electronic Pvt Ltd

6) Air Chiller -PFB-40:- Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt Ltd

7) Core cutter machine :- R. H . Engineering

8) Winder Sliting Machine:- Santosh Converting Machine

9) Contech Electronic balance: Cntech Instrument Ltd

10) Winding core Shafts 2":- Santosh Converting Machine

11) 100 KVAR, 440 V, 3 PH, 50 HZ panel:- Shreem Electric Ltd

12) PID Dosing system:- P.N. Resources INC

13) Bottom selling & cutting 36" Automatic Polythene:- Bipin Plastic