For Sale - UM - 17803 - Rajoo Engineering Multilayer Co-Extruded Blown Film Plant


Reference Numbers

UM - 17803


Rajoo Engineering Multilayer Co-Extruded Blown Film Plant



Product Details

Model:- Multifoil RECF-2360/1500 IBC
Use:- for manufacture blown lay flat of
Polymer:- LDPE, HDPE & Eva or blends of either of these

Finished product:-
wounds rolls of flattened film
standard scope of supply
1:- three:- 60 mm/30 D/55 kw grooved feed barrier screw extruder
2:- THree:- Lever type single action manual screen changer
3:- One:- Die carriage, universal co-ex. die-head UCD with two dies
4:- One:- Internal bubble cooling (IBC) system
5:- One:- External air ring with blower
6:- One:- Callibration Basket
7:- One:- CKD type tower with two walk around platforms
8:- One:- Oscillating take-off unit with one walk around platform
9:- One:- Load call controlled dual station surface automatic winder
10:- One:- Set of pneumatic components
11:- One:- Process control panel
12:- One:- Set of complete documents
13:- One:- Set of spare parts

Optional included:-
1:- Three:- Variable AC drive instead of DC drive
2:- One:- Corona treater
3:- One:- Web aligner

Silent features of the line:-
A. Screw diameter:- 60 x 3 mm
B. Screw length:- 30 D
c. Screw speed range:- 20-180
D. Standard die diameter:- 315 & 350-1.2 gap mm
E. Dies optional:- 250-400 mm
F. Lay flat width range:- 750-1400 mm
G. Film Thickness range:- 25-150 micron
H. Maximum output:- 350 kg/hr
I. Line speed :- 7-70 mts/min
J. Drive Load:- 200.78 kw
K. Heating Load:- 85.50 kw
L. Total installed load:- 288.28 kw
M. Line dimension LxWxH:- 13000 x8000 x 11000 mm