For Sale - UM - 17502 - Colines 5 Layers Cast Film Extrusion Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 17502


Colines 5 Layers Cast Film Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Diameter die:- Cloeren flat die
Width:- 2400 mm
Diameter screw(s):- 90 - 130 - 90
L/D ratio screw(s):- 30
Material & Min – Max thickness :- High quality embossed PE for diaper and other applications ACBCA structure 15 - 50 mu
Max. film width:- 2000 mm
Max. output:- 450 m/min
Rewind type:- Fully automatic turret
Max. rewind reel diameter :- 600 mm
Dosing unit:- Six components gravimetric dosing system
Thickness measurement
Edge guide(s)
Corona treater
Inline slitting
Manuals available
Other information:- Including inline embossing unit
Including:- Suction device for trimmed edges with direct feeding to main extruder
2 micro embossed engraved rollers
2 silicone rollers
Overhead crane to allow engraved/silicon roll change
Roll storage unit
1 additional silicone roller
Machine can be seen in production