For Sale - UM - 17402 - Dolci 3 Layers Cast Film Line


Reference Number

UM - 17402


Dolci 3 Layers Cast Film Line



Product Details

Materials to be processed: Stretch film, LLDPE /LLDPE film

Nb. of extruders: 3
2 Extruders: 90 Ø; 87 kw motor
1 Extruders: 160 Ø; 240 kw motor

Die: Die head width: 2000 mm Thickness: 15-40 microns
Output: Up to 750 kg/hour depending on material formulation

2500 mm wide 800 mm Ø
2500 mm wide 400 mm Ø

Winder: Maximum line speed 300 m/min

Edge trim grinding and recovery system 90R
Screw extruders new
Thickness control system “measurex 2040”
Roll shafts extractor “Ponti”,
Gravimetric unit
Web guide Erhartdt-Leimer brand SG4101
Chill Roll just re-chromed
Air knife hood
Oscillator cross
Tour automatic winding width useful 2000m framework thermoregulation
Robot control cabinet
Wardrobe services
Corema cooling Unit
Dowels thick thermal control