For Sale - UM - 17114 - Macchi 3 Layer Cast Extrusion Line


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UM - 17114


Macchi 3 Layer Cast Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Diameter die:- 1900 mm width
Lip opening:- 0,1 - 1,2 mm
Diameter screw(s):- 65 - 120 - 65
L/D ratio screw(s):- 30D
Material & Min – Max thickness:- Shrink film 15µm - 70 µm
Max. film width:- 1500 mm
Max. output:- 550 kg/hour
Rewind type Macchi BO BHS automatic shaft changer
Max. rewind reel diameter:- 800 mm
Dosing unit:- Yes, Doteco 3 component feeding system
Thickness measurement:- Yes
Inline slitting:- Yes, 7 knives
Including:- Constructive repartition from extruders on foil extruding head: A=15%, B=70%,C=15% 2 x Chill rolls 2.000 mm width
Control of extruded foil adherence on main chill roll through two vacuum units
Oscillating unit before foil winding (for thickness peaks do not overlap the final reel),
Produced by Erhadt+Leimer Germany
Automatic carton core loading and coil unloading robot