For Sale - UM - 17264 - SML Cast Film And Laminating Line


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UM - 17264


SML Cast Film And Laminating Line

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Product Details

Web Width:2000 mm (79 in)
Equipped with two water -cooled extruders on carriage
120 mm Extruder “A” with 195 KW DC motor for max output of 500 kg/h,
75 mm extruder “B” with 90 KW AC servomotor for max output of 225 kg/h),
Design speed 250m/min
3-layer co-extrusion adaptor,
2600 mm Verbruggen automatic co-extrusion flat die with fume hood ,
Casting section with 2700 mm x 800 mm diameter chill roll and 2700 mm x 400 mm diameter chill roll,
Air knife,
Thickness gauge,
Primary edge trim removal system,
MDO – machine direction orientor,
Micro-embossing section for breathable films,
Thickness gauge,
Oscillating unit,
Optical web inspection system,
Secondary edge trim removal system,
1000 mm maximum diameter fully automatic auxiliary turret unwind,
Nordson PSA hot melt coating station with drum melter,
3-roll heated roll section,
Macro-embossing unit,
3-roll chill roll section,
Rotary shear & razor slitting section,
Edge trim removal system,
980 mm maximum diameter automatic turret rewind with lay-on roll and Dancer tension control,
Semi-automatic shaft extraction and roll handling system,
Automatic control system. 400/230V, 3 PH, 60 Hz.

Line designed to produce breathable films from 15 – 80 µm.
Ability to laminate non woven back sheet to breathable film and macro-emboss prior to winder.