For Sale - UM - 18168 - 1100 MM Wide Bandera Co-Extrusion Twin Screw PET Sheet Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 18168


1100 MM Wide Bandera Co-Extrusion Twin Screw PET Sheet Line

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Product Details

1100mm wide Bandera coextrusion twin screw PET sheet line
For up to 700 kg/hr PET sheet.
70 mm twin and 65mm single extruders, calender winders

Running from 0.18mm to 1.2mm thick PET up to 700kg/hr.
Mix of virgin, post consumer bottle flake and skeletal flake.
4 Component gravimetric blending system for primary and secondary extruders.
De dusting - hopper loaders.

70mm Bandera single screw extruder 2C70mm 52D air cooled.
200kw ac motor with inverter drive.
Double vented with liquid ring vacuum pump.

Back flush screen changer with 100mm diameter.
Dual piston. 4/101. plc control.

Bandera model 275 gear pump with ac motor and plc control.

65mm Bandera single screw TR65 35D coextruder with 75kw ac motor and invertor.
Vented with liquid ring vacuum pump.
Manual screen changer.
Bandera model 183 melt pump with ac motor and invertor speed control.

ABA feedblock with selector plug.

1400mm wide flex lip single manifold sheet die.
Max net width of the sheet is 1100mm.
Manual internal deckles.
Flex top lip. Fixed bottom lip.
Close approach.

1400mm wide 3 roll polishing stack with horizontal configuration.
350mm x 600mm x 350mm diameter.
Individual ac motors with invertor speed drives.
3 zone pump group.

1300mm wide air cushion measuring sensor thickness scanner
1300mm wide silicon coater device and dryer.
4 rolls 200mm diameter.

In line cutters with auto blade opening.
Edge trim granulator with nip rolls and soundproofing.
Max width 1500mm - 75kg/hr max output.
Fan and collection system.

1100mm wide cantelever winding system with accumulator.
2 position. 3" and 6" cores.
Max roll weight 1200kgs. Max roll diameter 1000mm