For Sale - UM - 17747 - 36" Battenfeld Gloucester Inclined Sheet Extrusion Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 17747


36" Battenfeld Gloucester Inclined Sheet Extrusion Line

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Product Details

3.5" Gloucester 30/1 L/D vented extruder, model 35250,
Extruder is driven by a 150 HP DC motor,
Direct connected to a 15.46/1 gearbox.
Has a 3.5" Gneub hydraulically actuated screen changer including Hydraulic pumping system and a temperature control panel.
Has electrically heated water cooled barrel,
Water cooled feed throat and pump and heat exchanger for gearbox cooling.
Includes closed loop water cooling system for extruder barrel and a Dekker,
Titan series model 3V0100D-MA3-SGL,
Single stage liquid ring vacuum pump with 5.5 KW motor,
100 ACFM for the extruder vent.
Downstream includes Maag 56/56 melt pump with approximately.
10HP motor, approximately 24" die, with 45 degree down angle adapter.
3 roll chill roll stack is a hydraulically loaded Battenfeld-Gloucester inclined style with individually driven 36" wide x 16" diameter rolls. Includes hydraulic pump for roll pressure.
Top & bottom roll are polished chrome plated while center roll is a matte finish.
Includes (3) Sterling temperature control units,
Cooling conveyor with edge trim razor slitting station and pull roll stand.
Includes (2) spare chrome rolls, (2) spare rubber rolls and (2) damaged chill rolls.