For Sale - UM - 18302 - Farrel Size CP2000 Compact Processor


Reference Numbers

UM - 18302


Farrel Size CP2000 Compact Processor



Product Details

Size 7 UM continuous mixer
Mixer gear reducer
Drive end frame bearing housing
Water end frame bearing housing
Grease packed bearing
Style 15/7 rotors of flanged, 2 piece construction, partial Tuca coated with chrome plate, with cooling lines.
Hinged chamber barrel with replaceable D2 liner and cooling piping
Rectangular segments in chamber barrel top
Two mixing dams supplied loose
One slotted vent assembly
Motorized orifice gate
Connecting chute with integral polymer divert chute

B-1/2" Farrel Extruder
Extruder gear reducer
Hopper with undercut and pusher assembly
Forward cylinder with bimetallic farrel Alloy hard surfacing
Cast aluminum heater with water cooling provisions in two zones
Feedscrew approx. L/D 11:1
chrome plated with farrel alloy 12 A on fllight tips cooling oiping included
Screw extractor

CP control system
PLC based control system
PLC/electrical panel attached to CP frame
Touch- screen operator interface on a hinged arm

CP Assembly
Utilized support frame
All water cooling lines pre-pipedto inlet and outlet manifolds
All machine components pre-wired machine mounted junction boxes(main motors wired separately).

One variable speed ACVF drive package by siemens including TEBC motor enclosures

375 KW motor and controller for mixer
150 KW motor and controller for extruder

One set of 15/7 stacked rotor bodies
With partial tuca coating and chrome plate

Installation and start-up service
Five man days for installation assistance of the CP unit and maintenace/operator training, including travel and living expenses

Five man days for start-up assistance of the CP unit and on-line operator training, including travel and living expenses

One 8" screen changer with hydraulically operated slide plate
Electric heated
Hydraulic power unit with hoses
Local control

Gala underwater pelletizer system with:
Underwater pelletizer MAP-7

Upstream adapter
Die plate, ti;ed surface, electric heated
Two cutter hubs with 8 knife positions
15 KW ACVF variable speed drive, 3600 rpm top speed
Support carriage with casters

Water-box bypass piping assembly
Two electro-pneumatic activated valves
Victaullic coupling connection point to water-box in/outlets, process water supply. slurry cutlet and drain
Assembly mounted on fixed support column

Tempered water system model TWS-40.8
Pallet water tank with immersia heater
Level control and level switch
40 m3/h pump with 11 KW AC motor
Plate & frame heat exchanger with proportional temperature regulacing valve

Centrifugal dryer model 2016 EC BF
Stellite coating of dryer lifter blades
Key safety interlock system
Exhaust blower with 0.75 KW AC motor
Agglomerate catcher
Pellet diverter valve with pneunatic actuator

Auxiliary panel for gala equipment
IP54 enclosure with main breaker
Temperature controllers and contactors for heat zones of gala system
Motor starters for AC motors and contactors for heat zones of gala system
Control of pelletizer system from touch screen of CP unit

Pelletising system additional items

Added coast to add gala EAC control(Electric adjusted cutter)

Continuous belt filter unit for fines removal
Including Mud-cart

Spare parts included
Spare orifice actuator for mixer
Spare heater zone for extruder(ref. 3 heaters per zone)
Additional die plate for gala pelletiser
Spare screens for gala 2016 EC BF dryer
200 spare double sides blades for gala pelletiser
100 die plate plugs for gala die