For Sale - UM - 20368 - FIAP Blowing Film Extruder For PVC Film


Reference Number

UM - 20368


FIAP Blowing Film Extruder For PVC Film

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Machine is in very good condition



Product Details

Type: TR100 – R 1:25
Blown technology from down to top
Both machines are twin
Mono screw way of the barrel
Fully automatically Kündig Width Control System ( Switzerland made )
Arrangeable tensión matic system
Smoke suction system
Air cooling ring and diffuser system
6 zones extruder thermoregulation zones
Closed loop chilling unit
Different diameter dies are available
Degassing zone at center of the extruder
Twin rewinder and reeling system existing
100 kw installed electricity power
ABB 64 kW DC extruder motor