For Sale - UM - 21192 - Flexotecnica Tachys 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Press


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UM - 21192


Flexotecnica Tachys 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Press

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Product Details

Number of colors:- 8
Fast sleeve change
4 motor per deck CNC position system
Computer supervision
Web width:- 1050 mm
Print width:- 1000 mm
Min print repeat:- 300 mm
Max print repeat:- 650 mm
Unwinder type:- Turret
Max reel diameter unwinder:- 800 mm
Rewinder type;- Turret
Max reel diameter rewinder:- 800 mm
Drying:- 2 zones, 4 fans, 2 heaters
Video camera
Corona treatment
Inking system:- Closed chamber doctor blades
Anilox:- 40
Print Sleeves:- 700
Additional information:- Max. speed 250 m/min
Printable webs: the Classical ones, theoretical values (wider range possible) OPP 12-60 µ PET 12-25µ PA 15-100µ Paper 100 g/m² Laminates until +/- 100 g/m² Corona treater Web viewer 700 sleeves and the necessary carriers 40 Anilox rollers (volume 5 to 18 cm³/m², 340 to 60 lines/cm)