For Sale - UM - 20541 - Gabler M60 Inline Thermoforming Machine


Reference Number

UM - 20541


Gabler M60 Inline Thermoforming Machine

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Hours of Operation:- 14,090
Film Width Max/Min:- 22.99”/16.14” PP; 23.18”/16.14” PS
Forming Area Max:- 20.66”/13.05” PP; 20.83” x 13.05” PS
Depth of Draw Max:- 5.91"
Clamping Pressure Max:- 40 US Ton, 360 kN
Cycles per Minute:- 58
Top/Bottom Heater Output Max:- 51 kW/34 kW
Operating Air Pressure:- 87-145 psi
System:- Servo Driven System
Forming and Cutting:- Combined Forming and Cutting in one work process
Upgrades:- Fixed Upper Yoke, cutting adjustments made from lower table
Stacking System:- Modern Stacking System w/ Rotating Plate