For Sale - UM - 17029 - Gabler 24,000 Lids / Hr Thermoformer


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UM - 17029


Gabler 24,000 Lids / Hr Thermoformer



Product Details

Unwind stand, Inline Gabler F703 Thermoformer, with Inline 4-Lane VAN-DAM Lid printer, Inline Trim Press with Counter / Stacker Station rebuilt to a high standard 4/5 years ago
Gabler F703 Thermoformer for PP/ PS Lids with Draw of 120 mm
Motor Indexing
Extra Long Double Heating for PP
Top Heater 50.4 kW
Bottom Heater 31.5 kW
Form Area 700 x 300 mm
Max. Film Width 730 mm
Pneumatic Plug Assist
Formed Web Continues to Stainless Steel Vertical Accumulator
Inline 4-Lane 6-Color Van Dam Lid Printer with Servomotor on all 6-
Print Heads
UV-Curing Tunnel
Punch head/ Stacker
Inline Trim Press with Counter/ Stacker Station
Delivery Conveyor for Counted Products
Waste Material Winder
PLC ensures very high tolerances for feed, thermoforming, Printing and Trimming
Inclusive of 16 Cavity Mold for Rectangular Lids dimensions 145 x 97 mm
Capacity approx 17 million Lids/ year
Line was rebuilt to provide very high tolerances for Thermoforming, Printing and Trimming.
All Thermoforming, Printing, Trimming, Stacking functions controlled from one Central Operator Touch Control Panel.
Full OMRON PLC Controls.
Potential for 500,000 lids per day