For Sale - UM - 21291 - 200 HP SSI Dual Shear Shredder


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UM - 21291


200 HP SSI Dual Shear Shredder

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Product Details

Model:- M100H(75)
Hydraulic Drive
200 HP.
50mm (2") Cutter Thickness
530mm 20.9"a0 Cutter Diameter,
188mm (74") Shaft Diameter
1,040 mm x 1,600mm (40.9 x 63") Cutting Chamber
1,562mm x 2,502mm (61.5" x 98.5") Hopper Opening
140 Gallon Hydraulic Power Unit.
The Dual-Shear® M100 from SSI Shredding Systems is a low-speed, high-Torque, two-shaft, rotary shear shredder engineered and built to efficiently Process a wide variety of difficult to shred materials.

Dual-Shear M100 industrial shredders are versatile machines commonly Employed in bulky item reduction, product destruction or pre-conditioning (primary shredding) where particle size variation is acceptable.

Output consists of “strips” the width of the cutters - usually 25 - 76 mm (1 - 3 In).

Dual-Shear® M100 industrial shredders are engineered with drive and cutter Configurations specific to your production requirements