For Sale - UM - 20035 - Husky Hypet 225 HPP 4.0 Preform Injection Moulding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 20035


Husky Hypet 225 HPP 4.0 Preform Injection Moulding Machine

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Maximum Throughput = 645 kg/hr (Co-polymer)
Maximum Shot size = 3330g PET
3 position Co Including Servo Robot and Post Mold Cooling
CE Compliance
Machine Spare Parts
Coolpik DH2
Injection completion after power outage
Voltage surge suppression
Spare Parts package

1) Husky resin dryer with High Performance Package
Mono-Hopper Dryer on Platform
Stainless Steel hopper and ducting
Integrated hopper loader- 25m max pulling distance
Polaris integrated control
Spare parts package

2) Husky/Plastic Systems DSH1800-G3 mould dehumidifier
Polaris Interface
Spare parts package

3) Soft drop unit
Integrated control with Husky Polaris
Spare belts and spare parts package

4) 48 Cavity – HyPET 4.0 Complete Mould 50V x 140H
3 position Take off plate
3 position Cool-Pik
Optical part detection
Integrated Mold Alignment
HPP5 Technology
Neck Ring w Enhanced Cooling
Optical Part Detection
Two Piece Cavities
Standard Spare Parts Package