For Sale - UM - 17325 - Engel 1870 Ton Injection Molding Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 17325


Engel 1870 Ton Injection Molding Machine

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Product Details

Tie Bar Spacing: 72.9" x 55/75"
Platen Size: 95.35" x 85.5"
Daylight: 175.33"
Clamp Stroke: 112.29"
Mold Thickness: 63.04"/98.5"
A Injection system capacity: 287.4 oz.
B Injection system capacity: 146.5 oz.
Max. mold weight: 99,000 lbs.
Equipped with:-
Vertical axis center mold plate/platen turret
Options - too many to list. Dozens of hydraulic
Valve gates and hot runner controls, T-Slot
Platens, hydraulic mold clamps, core pulls, etc.
Star Independent double arm servo robot
Auxiliaries including - thermolators, material
Feed systems, cat walks, ladders, individual
Material feed systems, etc.
Hours - approx. 24,061