For Sale - UM - 20537 - Kiefel KMD 85B Inline Thermoforming Line


Reference Number

UM - 20537


Kiefel KMD 85B Inline Thermoforming Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Type/Style:- Form, Cut, Stack, Pick and place
Max Forming Area:- 825 mm x 675 mm
Min Forming Area:- 480 mm x 385 mm
Tool Dimension:- 850 mm (max width) x 700mm (max length)
Max Top/Bottom Stroke:- 170 mm / 120 mm
Max Positive/Negative Forming:- 150 mm
Top/Bottom Clamp Frame Force:- 5 kN
Top/Bottom Plug Assist Stroke:- 150 mm
Top/Bottom Plug Assist Force:- 20 kN
Max Sheet Width at the In-Feed:- 880 mm
Max Sheet Width at the Forming Station:- 900 mm, 905 mm w/ Spreading
Clamp Frame Max Stroke:- 170 mm
Max/Min Top Shut Height:- 355 mm / 220 mm
Max Yoke Adjustability:- 135 mm
Bottom Fixed Shut Height:- 255 mm
Max Trimming Force on Platens:- 85 short Tons
Max Part Height Above/Below Sheet Line (Knives on Top):- 150 mm
Max Top Stroke:- 170 mm
Min Bottom Stroke:- 170 mm
Robot w/ 3-Axis:- Y,Z, & 90 Degree Movement
Max Robot Speed:- (2 Index, Max Weight 16 kg): 17-18 cpm
Max Pusher Stroke:- 540 mm
Conveyor:- Included 20' x 5'
Caging for Conveyor:- Included
Pick and Place Model Number:- KRST 85
Included:- Conveyor System
Min Compressed Air Pressure:- 87 psi
Max Compressed Air Consumption:- 0.35 cu. Ft./cycle
Cooling Water Consumption:- 52.8 gal/min
Water Flow Temp:- <68 Degrees F
Water Return Temp:- <80.6 Degrees F
Water Temp Variation within 1 Hour:- 1.8 Degrees F
Water Flow Pressure:- 43.5 psi
Supply Plant Voltage:- 480 V
Total Connected Load (Approx):- 160-190 kVA
Other Items Included:- Unwind/Wind Stand, Kiefel KVH 90 Preheater, and Transformer