For Sale - UM - 21158 - 1.5" Killion Single Screw Extrusion Line


Reference Number

UM - 21158


1.5" Killion Single Screw Extrusion Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Novatec hopper dryer,
Model MDM-50A,
460 volt with 200 hopper with loader,

1.5" Killion extruder, model KN-150, 24:1 l/d,
Electrically heated,
Air cooled barrel,
Jacketed feed section,
15 hp, 1750 rpm dc motor, 11.2:1 gearbox ratio,
Cross head coating die,
115" Killion vacuum tank, model PVT2-6-1-1,

Stainless steel construction,
Approximately 6.5" x 6.5" cross section,
130" Killion flood cooling tank,
Approximately 5" x 4" deep cross section,
Zumbach surface fault detector, model ODAC 35XYJ with panel