For Sale - UM - 20320 - Krauss Maffei 1300 Ton Injection Moulding Machine


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UM - 20320


Krauss Maffei 1300 Ton Injection Moulding Machine



Product Details

Screw HPS-AT 85 mm diameter
Thermoplastic screw 60 mm
Hydraulic worm drive standard with constant motor (with torque limitation in the upper speed range)
Pneumatic valve 1 on BWAP opposite side for blowing function
Pneumatic control for 1 hot (cold) channel needle shut-off nozzle
Hydraulic 4-way cascade valves for hot (cold) channel needle shut-off nozzles

3-way hydraulic core pull control on the opposite side of the BWAP operator

3-way hydraulic core pull control on the FWAP operator side.
Twin check valves for holding hydraulically operated cores
40 pieces of temperature control points for mold hot runner
Signal interface according to EUROMAP 67
Mechanical interface standard according to EUROMAP 18

Electrical interface between the machine and the external protective housing of a handling device when items are removed from the side through the open protective door on the operationg side.

Deutch, ENglisg Czech language
Interface 20 MA for external temperature control devices

Extraction function of all temperature control units via a collective extraction button !! However, they can also be activated individually.
10 temperature control units HB Therm

Ethernet interface for the central computer connection via TCP / IP protocol.
Interface for operating data, consisting of 5 potential-free contacts in the control cabinet

Mold installation height at least 1600 mm Mold installation height max. 2600 mm, opening path 2550 mm, opening width 4150 mm

Machine-side preparation for Stäubli clamping system from above QMC 101.350

Stäubli clamping system from above QMC 101.350
Hydraulic sliding table can be moved in the machine bed (hydraulically controlled.)
Travel range of the sliding table in the middle of the turning unit up to FWAP from 750 to 2150 mm, min.distance to BFAP 850 mm
Upper edge of the rotary table 790 mm from the center of the machine.

Reduced to nominal size 715 mm for HP operation with adapter plate. The tool can compensate for tolerances and thermal expansion

Turning unit and rotating union for:
6 temperature control circuits 3/4 "120 ° C (only pure, filtered water. Filter size max. 0.02 mm)

2 circles oil 1/2 "valves on turntable pmax 150 bar.
Of the total of 6 water circuits of the rotary feedthrough, 3 circuits each are laid on the BS and BGS in the axial direction of the machine up to the front machine bed (behind BWAP)

Pressure piece 650 mm high for FEH min 950 mm
FEH max 1950 mm with integrated ejector plate
Stroke 200 mm Fmax 200 kN

Preparation for support bracket for 1K operation on FFAP and dummy pressure piece

Graphics analysis package with display of 15 curves as well as tolerance band and area monitoring in definable areas. S pozdravom / Kind regards / Best regards