For Sale - UM - 19403 - Krupp Kautex Blow Molding Machine


Reference Number

UM - 19403


Krupp Kautex Blow Molding Machine

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Product Details

Model:- KEB 2-20/30 PC
Used for Production of 5 Gal PC Water Bottles
The shot size of the head is 7.7 lb (3.5 kg or 3.5 ltr)

Machine high approx. 4500 mm,
Machine width approx. 6500 mm,
Machine depth approx. 4000 mm,
Accumulator Head with 3,5 ltr. (FiFo - first in, first out),
Max./Min. Die size : 170/45 mm,
Extruder 100mm / 25 L/D (can be used for PC and PE),
Max. Heating capacity 22 kW,
Extruder Motor 68 kW,
Max. Plasticization (PC) 220 kg/h,
Mould max. width 550 mm,
Mould max. high 600 mm,
Mould max. depth 2*300 mm,
Mould max. weight 2*600 kg,
Mould plates w/h 460/560 mm,
Mould plates max./min. opening 1000/600 mm,
Mould closing force 200 kN,
Mould max. closing speed 500 mm/s,
Article max. dia. 300 mm,
Article max. width 450 mm,
Article max. high 550 mm,
Hydr. consumption 30 kW,
Air consumption 60 cbm/h,
Air pressure 6-10 bar,
Cooling Water max. 30 deg. Cel. 47.000 kJ/h,
Control Cabinets with 6 (six) Air Condition,
Machine Control SIEMENS S5-115U with CPU 944
New Feeding Zone only 3 month in use,
Set of mechanical, electrical and electronic spare parts,
2 complete Set of Manuals (2*Hydraulics, 2*Electric, 2*Pneumatic, 2*Mechanics)