Required - UM - 18643 - Silicone Coating Machine


Reference Number

UM - 18643


Silicone Coating Machine



Product Details

We are looking for Silicone coating machine
Width min 1500 mm
Coating method : 5 roll
Coating speed : minimum 200 m/min
Coating material: Solventless silicone with thermal curing system
On 60 gsm glassin paper, 80 gsm clay coated kraft paper
Year :2000
Dryer oven

2) PSA tapes machine
Width : 1500mm
Coating method: Mayer bar, gravure coating, multi roll.
Coating speed Min 100 m/min
Coating of waterbased acrylics
Coating material filmic tapes and papers
Year : 2000
Dryer oven