For Sale - UM - 20393 - Macchi 3 Layer Blown Film Extruder


Reference Number

UM - 20393


Macchi 3 Layer Blown Film Extruder

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Number of layers:- 3
Overhaul/renovation:- renovation 2013 mechanical and electronic upgrade; new control pannel and new tickness control and dosing system, several mechanical upgrade in 2013;

Film structure:- ABC
Film Width:- 1600 mm
Output:- 300 Kg/h
Extruder 1 Layer ref:- A
Screw diam:- 55 mm
Description:- DC motors
Extruder 2 Layer ref:- B
Screw diam:- 80 mm
Description:- AC motor gravimetric dosing units inno-plast
Extruder 3 Layer ref:- C
Screw diam:- 55 mm
Description:- DC motors
Head description:- Automatic thickness control and automatic cooling ring Inno-plast from 2013
Die diam:- 300 mm
Thickness controll system:- Inno-plast
Bubble cage:- motorized
Take off unit:- rotating
Web guide:- E&L
Rewinder description:- back to back
Additional information:- ABC extruder description:AC motor (B) and two DC motors (A and C), Inno-plast gravimetric dosing units from 2013 year (VIP 5300 model) (A and C four components, B three components)