For Sale - UM - 20769 - Meccanoplastica 800 Plus Granulator


Reference Number

UM - 20769


Meccanoplastica 800 Plus Granulator

Present Condition

The equipment is in great condition and can be seen running in production.



Product Details

Granulator for different kinds of plastic materials.
Rotor: Length 820 mm x diam. 440 mm
Cutter house: 3 pcs rotor knives, 2 pcs stator knives
Knives dimension: 80 mm
Screen size: 10/18/25 mm holes

Output: Up to 500 kg/h depending on the type of material, blower and feeding rate.

Hopper inlet: 820 mm X 540 mm
Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS
Attachments and accessories: Spare knives