For Sale - UM - 17746 - Jaygo 200 Liter Mixtruder


Reference Number

UM - 17746


Jaygo 200 Liter Mixtruder

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Used 2000 liter jaygo mixtruder,
304 stainless steel product contact surfaces,
2000 liter total, 1250 liter working capacities,
Tangential sigma blades,
Independently driven variable speed blade with
55 kw motor drive front blade with 71.1:1 gearbox ratio,
45 kw motor drive rear blade with 88.8:1 gearbox ratio,
Extruder discharge screw driven by 55 kw motor drive
With 80.3:1 gearbox ratio,
With die face cutter accessory with discharge shroud,
Jacketed chamber and end rated 4 bar(58 psi) at 180 C,
Jacketed extrusion chamber rated 3 bar(43.5 psi) at 180 c,
Vacuum cover hydraulically activated with 1.5 kw hydraulic pump,
Control panel with front and rear blade VFD controllers,
Extruder screw VFD controller,
Operator control panel, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz,
Capacity (Gallons): 330
Drawings: Yes
Jacket Pressure: 58
Manuals: Yes
Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel
Model: ME1600L
Motor HP: 75
Serial Number: 113003
Jacket Temperature: 356