For Sale - UM - 20934 - Multipress 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 20934


Multipress 8 Colors CI Flexo Printing Machine



Product Details

Duplex Unwinder bidirectional and 1000 mm diam rolls
Kamberoller web guide inlet
Chambered doctor blades flexomat
Ceramic anilox diam 186 mm
Pre-register auto-geared
Dryer tunnel length 6 meters 32 dryers inside
No 2 burners (GAS)
Dryner fans and Herzainer electrical cabinet
Diam 340 chrome chilled calender outlet with Brushless
motor e load cell tension control
Web guide outlet
Duplex Rewinder bidirectional and DIAM 1000 mm roll

Web Camera (Int – ext) with 21” monitor
Central PC , function supervision Allen bradley
Printing width 1500 mm
Material width 1540 mm
Printing development 350 mm - 1200 mm
DIam of the core Unwinder and rewinder
2 X 76 mm and 95 mm
2 X 152 mm and 171 mm
Gear module 5 mm
CI Diam : 2300 mm = 8° C
CE safety Normative
Compressend air: 8 Bars x 50lt /min (compressor not
Thermo regulation chilled water closed circuit

Cylinder storage included (full automatic with trolley)