For Sale - UM - 21580 - PVC Cling Film Cast Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 21580


PVC Cling Film Cast Line



Product Details

1)General Parameter
Max Width of Film in winder: 1500 mm (after edge cut)
Thickness Range: 9 – 80 micron.
Max screw output: 220 kg/h.
Material : PVC Resin and another assistant material.
Power Supply : 415V/50Hz/Three Phase.

2)Feeding & Extrusion System

1. Extruder Seat:
Seat. Surface cover Aluminium alloy plate
Move- Rail
Vacuum Hopper Platform
Ladder, handrail.

2. Vacuum hopper
Quantity :1 set
Material of hopper is 316 stainless steel, and thickness is 4 mm. Cover thickness is 15 mm.
Two set of hoppers.
Vacuum pump, with electromagnetism valve.
Suction pipe diameter is 38 mm.

3. 105-30 Single screw extruder

Screw Parameter
Diameter: 105 mm
Max rpm of screw is 94 rpm
Material of screw: High Class Alloy Steel-38 Cr MoAL.
Another Parameter : Chrome plating the surface, thickness is 0.05-0.08 mm.

Barrel Parameter:
Internal Diameter: 105 mm
Thickness of Barrel : 42.5 mm
Heat Zone : 6 zone.
Power: 36 KW

Drive Motor Parameter:
Power: 75 KW

3) Die System
Width: 2000 mm
Type: T-Type
Brand: JC Times
Heat Zone: 11 zone.
Power: 37 KW

4) Cast System

1.Cast Roller
Size: Diameter is 600 mm < Length is 2100 mm
Surface: Mirror Chrome Plating.
Drive Motor: 5.5 KW SEW Urodrive (Germany Brand)

2.Second Cool Roller
Size: Diameters 300 mm, Length 2100 mm
Quantity: 2 Set.
Surface: Mirror Chrome Plating
Drive Motor: 4 KW SEW Urodrive (Germany Brand)

5)Front Winder System :

1.Haul off roller:
Steel roller surface chrome plating
Diameter is 180 mm
Drive Motor : 3 KW SEW(Germany Brand)

2. Edge Trim: Blower is 5.5 KW

6) Winder System

1.Winder type: Four shaft work station winder.
Max winder speed: 150 m/min
Winder total oscillate.

2.Winder structure
Diameter is 3 inch air shaft
Servo Motor: Siemens
Rodless cylinder :FESTO( Germany Brand)

3.Auto Paper core loading system.
4.Auto film roll unloading system.

5.Winder control Mode:
Meter measure in touch screen
PLC Control. The winder parameter display on 10 inch SIEMENS touch screen, and adjust them by hands directly.

7) Electrical Control System:
Main operation on 10 inch Siemens touch screen.
Temperature control module: Japan brand.
Breaker: Siemens
AC connector: Siemens
Heat Realy: Siemens
E/P valve: SMC(Japan Brand)

8)Water Control System
Cooling Tower with Chiller.

9)Material Mixer
Slow mix motor: 15 KW AC motor.
Fast mix motor: 75 KW AC motor.
Vessel stainless steel thickness: 833 and 6 mm.

10) Film Crusher
Big Film Crusher 1 set.