For Sale - UM - 17599 - 1 X Joa Baby Diaper Line


Reference Number

UM - 17599


1 X Joa Baby Diaper Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 featuring standing leg cuffs,
Elastic waistband, hook frontal tape, stretch velcro tapes,
Breathable non-woven poly back-sheet,
Speed 175-200 ppm, consisting of:
4-roll pulp stand - 20 inch hammer mill running 2 rolls at a time, connected to;
01 Tekma drum former with rotating die pocket formers
01 K-Tron SAP dosing unit
01 ITW double un-winder for non-woven and tissue with Nordson spray modules and Meltex glue tanks
01 ITW Dynatec poly/non-woven spray applicator with 9 spray modules
01 PCMC elastic waistband unit with Dynatec tank and 5 module spray heads
2 x 4 strand elastic leg application unit
3M adhesive tape application unit
Fiber Converting frontal hook/loop application unit
Joa cut-off knife with water jet cutting
Compression and calendering unit
End-product folding
Stacker with compactor
Seme-automatic bagging unit
Tekma reclaim/recycling drum filter