For Sale - UM - 20113 - Nordmeccanica Horizontal Laminator / Coating Machine


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UM - 20113


Nordmeccanica Horizontal Laminator / Coating Machine

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Product Details

Application:- Lamination + coating
Type of lamination/coating:- Combi Interchangeable trolley
Working width:- 1500 mm
First unwinder type:- Single - Bi directional
Max diameter reel unwinder:- 1000
Secondary unwinder type:- Single - Bi directional
Max diameter reel unwinder:- 1000
Rewinder type:- Single - Bi directional
Max diameter reel rewinder:- 1000

Coating unit:- Interchangeable trolley. Supplied with Rotogravure and semi flexo trolleys.
Rotogravure trolley with quick change over of docor balde group, double stainless steel trays, Pump and stainless steel pump. Semi flexo trolley with independent speed controlled drive for ceramic and metering roll, precision position adjustment of rubber rolelr via micro metric screws. Dosing and mixing unit World mixer SB to properly meter and mix 2/3 components solvent based adhesives

Drying:- 1x preheating hood (blowing hot air on on coated side) + 3 x drying hoods 3m length each, tot 9 m, Air is blown both on coated side and non coated side, twind nozels on coated side, made in stainless steel. (bottom coating can be shut off for temperature sensitive materials). 3 x inlex blowers, 3 x outles blowers + Hareu IR emitter (M330x1488). Each hood with independent temperature control zones (4 zones +IR). Air volumes In let: 1000m3/h + 3x 9000m3/h tot 28.000m3/h. Outlet 33.000m3/h. LEL control system with 3 x IR sensors. Recirculation from 0-40%. Heat sources: Pre heating section: Electric (50KW), 3 x Gas burners, heating power 300KW each for drying hoods. Predisposition to add a forth main drying hood

Corona treatment:- ENERCON Series 2000 Deluxe

Additional information:- 1200 H OF OPERATION Lamination unit : - Pre heating calendar - Misalignable roller - 3 rolelrs type: chrome plated toll, rubber nip roller supported by attitional steel roller to feep nip's pressure uniform - S path double chilling calendar