For Sale - UM - 19578 - Plasmac Recycling Extrusion Line


Reference Number

UM - 19578


Plasmac Recycling Extrusion Line

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Product Details

Model:- Omega 105
Type:- Off-Line Recycling Extruder
Material:- LOPE MOPE/HI/PE
Screw:- 105 mm dual dia single screw which has recently been refurbished
Output:- Max approx 350 kg/hr depending upon material type & presentation
Material form:- Loose bags, loose pieces, shredded film, slabbed-off reels
Material input:Auto controlled elevator (with metal detector - TBA) directly into Cutter Compactor.
Cutter Compactor:- Material cut and densified in cutter compactor with rotating blades and variable speed auger screw which transfers material directly into the Omega screw, both synchronized to ensure constant feeding.
Main Drive:- kw (TBA)
Filter:Continuous automatic hydraulic screen changer
De-gassing:- Double de-gassing (to be confirmed)
Granule cooling:- Water-cooled with chilled water slide, centrifuge, transportation fan, ducting and delivery cyclone
Control:- HMI touch screen
Die Face:- Variable speed multi- blade rotating cutter