For Sale - UM - 13939 - Raulimex 8 Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine


Reference Numbers

UM - 13939


Raulimex 8 Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine

Year Of Manufacture


Present Condition

Machine in running conditions



Product Details

Maximum print width :1000 mm
Maximum cylinder width :1100 mm
Machine speed : 200 m/min.
Minimum print repeat :420 mm
Maximum print repeat :1000 mm
Registration system :arc by bst.(crs 9008) eye touch.
Web video :power scope 3000.
Winder :turret (unwinder & rewinder)
Reel diameter :800 mm (both side)
Machine length : 19500 mm
Machine width :4500 mm
Machine height:4500 mm
Heating :thermic.
Upgraded control panel:from parker to simens in-2017
to improve system communication
and registration control by bst.

Connected electric load : 70kw.